The NaTOUReza project was a Research and Development project promoted by Fundo de Maneio with the aim of detailed understanding of the dynamics and international trends in the fastest growing economic sector in the world and in the Region – tourism – in particular in the segments and niche markets of nature tourism and adventure tourism.

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Project results

The NaTOUReza project developed a variety of digital business intelligence tools, including a maket data portal and a mobile application.

The mobile application is available on Google Play and the Apple Store and aims to stimulate contact and the enjoyment of certain tourist resources through the gamification of the experience.

The NaTOUReza project website adds several features, with a predominant focus on tourist entertainment and business information. This platform has dedicated access to companies in the tourism sector that want to register, so that they can provide their own information. If you are a tourist entertainment company, register or request your access.

The project also allowed the development of several outputs of a technical and scientific nature.

Visit the NaTOUReza website to access the project results.

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